Sisal Binding or Wide-border Binding

Sisal binding / wide-border binding is a high-end application for carpet binding. DWP Carpet Binding only offers a blind-stitch application with this product. Our material is 100% cotton. The cotton binding is available in 3 inch or 5 inch rolls, therefore DWP Carpet Binding can get various front-face exposures. 

Sisal binding / wide-border binding is most frequently used on sisal carpets or seagrass carpets, however it may also be used to add a bordered look to any carpet. This is especially useful when trying to add an accent color to your area rugs.


  • 3” or 5” material available
  • 1.25” - 2.75” width exposure available for top-view (top-facing) of carpet
  • 52 colors to choose from
  • Material is 100% cotton
  • Option of "boxed" or "mitered" corners (additional cost for mitered corners)