Serging Yarn

Serging is a yarn that will be sewn on simultaneously with a seven-eighths inch polyester binding underneath it. Serging makes a loop around the edge of the carpet then stitched into place. DWP Carpet Binding has both cotton serging yarn and polyester serging yarn to choose from. 

For low traffic areas, DWP Carpet Binding chooses a cotton serging yarn. If serging is chosen for a commercial application, such as carpeting for schools, malls or hospitals, DWP Carpet Binding opts to use the polyester serging yarn.


  • Cotton serging yarn used for high-end carpets (wool, oriental & woven area rugs)
  • 126 colors to choose from
  • Polyester serging yarn used for commercial applications (any area rugs going into high traffic areas such as schools, malls or hospitals)
  • 100 colors to choose from
  • 7/8” polyester binding stitches on simultaneously to prevent carpet fibers from poking through the yarn
  • Industrial strength waxed thread used to stitch